January 28, 1999

To whom it may concern,


Mrs. French contacted Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts (CRMR) in regards to a cooking school in Mexico, designed for chefs. The course was five full days of cooking with a very respected Mexican chef, Juan Carlos Contreras, Executive Chef at the Quita Real in Zacatecas. One day was set aside for a field trip to the central market in Aquascalientes.

CRMR sent two chefs together with my wife Constance and myself. All four of us took the cooking school in october, 1998. The course is structured with full recipes provided but provides the flexibility to transgress into those areas that the participates would like to further their knowledge or experience. The course is designed so that everyone walks away with a working experience so techniques often not included in recipes are clearly demonstrated.

CRMR does not have a Mexican food restaurant, nor does our interest lie in this section. However, we felt that the influence of authentic Mexican style salsa's, mole's and sauces would fit well with our eclectic menus that already have California and Asian influences.

We were more than excited with the results of our one week course. It was a very worthwhile experience and has provided excellent results. Two of our restaurants have a heavy Mexican influence but maintain the style, quality and freshness that our customer expect.

Presently, the Calgary market does not have quality, authentic Mexican food. Consequently it is somewhat difficult to explain that this course provides the knowledge and expertise to put out unique (to our market) food items. More importantly, we have confirmation of the success of this cooking course by having strong satisfaction.

Mrs. French acted as interpreter during the course which was a great benefit as she also has good knowledge of Mexican cuisine. Her travel and accommodation arrangements were handled professionally and the whole week ran smoothly. All of us enjoyed the trip immensely.

Should you require further information, please contact me.

Yours truly,



Patrick J. O'Connor


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