Frijoles Negros de la Olla


2 cups of dry black beans (or any other kind of beans)
½ small onion
2 Tbs. of olive oil
Bacon drippings or a piece of pork leg (optional)
1 clove of garlic
1 sprig of fresh epazote or 2 Tbs. of dry epazote
10 cups of water
Salt or chicken bouillon

Rinse the beans, cover with cold water and let soak at least 3 hours or overnight. Discard any beans that float, then drain (discard the water).
Place the beans in a large pot or Dutch oven and add the water, onion, garlic, epazote, bacon, oil and salt.  Cook covered, over medium heat for 2 hours or until tender.  Make sure that there is always enough water to cover the beans. Add more hot water if needed.


*Recipe can be prepared a day ahead
*Suitable for freezing

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